Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VLAN support + madwifi-r3314 + kernel > 2.6.30


after porting i was testing the features of the AP. while testing VLAN was not working with
the kernel while looking at the "netdevice.h" file the net_device structure coding has been changed from the kernel version 2.6.29 onwards.
But madwifi supports only kernels upto 2.6.28

Now its time to add the patches into madwifi code to add support for vlan....

Got the link from the below site

added the patches manually ... finally it started working...... tested upto 8 VAPS with 8 different VLAN tags....

Jul 27 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Linux Embedded Board Partition confusions


After board bring up (LS-SR71), now need to add the option firmware upgrade through WEB-GUI...
For that i need to use mtd utilities (MTD)
Inside board,
When i give "cat /proc/mtd" i can see 5 partitions
mtd0: "redboot"
mtd1: "kernel"
mtd2: "rootfs"
mtd3: "FIS directory"
mtd4: "RedBoot config"

but when in /dev/ directory there are 7 mtd devices(both character device and block device)
namely mtd0 to mtd6 and mtdblock0 to mtdblock6 ....

I can't write my kernel file in mtd1.
only possible way is writing kernel in mtd2 and rootfs in mtd4 ....

I want some explanation... ??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

UBNT LS-SR71 Board Bring up --- Successfully Done :)


The Next Hardware Board which has AR71xx series Processor. Made it work finally... Lot of problems i faced during the Board Bring up.

Finally its up and running.... Thanks to openwrt....

The Next step i done is ported my own SDK to UBNT LS-SR-71 Board....

Here are Specification

Board - UBNT LS-SR71 - AR7161 with 600Mhz
8 MB Flash (Nor)

Kernel - Linux (openwrt patched)
Wireless - Madwifi r3314 ( Base Code taken from openwrt) but Done some changes to add
support to WDS mode

Now started testing ......