Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Linux Embedded Board Partition confusions


After board bring up (LS-SR71), now need to add the option firmware upgrade through WEB-GUI...
For that i need to use mtd utilities (MTD)
Inside board,
When i give "cat /proc/mtd" i can see 5 partitions
mtd0: "redboot"
mtd1: "kernel"
mtd2: "rootfs"
mtd3: "FIS directory"
mtd4: "RedBoot config"

but when in /dev/ directory there are 7 mtd devices(both character device and block device)
namely mtd0 to mtd6 and mtdblock0 to mtdblock6 ....

I can't write my kernel file in mtd1.
only possible way is writing kernel in mtd2 and rootfs in mtd4 ....

I want some explanation... ??

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